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Showing posts from September, 2008

BRAND NEW Mini Painting On ETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Cats Are A Gals Best Friend"

Hi Everyone!!!!!!!! It's been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to let everyone know that I just listed a BRAND new Original Painting "Cats are a Gals Best Friend". You Can Buy It Right Now At ETSY. Hope Everyone Likes it!!!!!!!!

Added "Truly Great Folks" To Blog!!

Hey all I added a little gadget that lets fellow bloggers & friends add their name to my blog so they can see my new blog updates and my posts. If you'd like to add your name just click on the little the "Truly Great Folks" spot on the right side on my blog right above my About Me info. THANKS, WOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Cafe Press Items!!

Howdy Folks!!! I meant to post the link to my cafe press stores awhile ago, but anyhow here they are!!!!!!!!! This One Is My Multi Animal Oneand This One Is My Corgi Art!!If you see a certain image you'd like on a certain item in my store or stores just let me know and I'll make it!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!

ETSY items!

Hey Pretty People!!!!! Hows everyone doing?? Heres some of my art thats now on ETSY, if you wanna check it out!!!!!!!!!!! I also have two new corgi ATC's on Ebay right now!!!! I've been busy working on some commission pieces so I haven't been working on that much "ebay" art, but theres some paintings in my etsy shop ready to go to a new home!!!!!!!! HEHE!! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!


Howdy all!! Just wanted to say Hi and let everyone know that I have just listed 5 brand new cute cat ATC/ACEOs tonight on ebay YAY! They are from my new "FRISKY FUZZIES" series! You can view them all by clicking here: .They are all inspired by my cute fuzzies who always give me plenty of ideas for my art!!! More ATCs to come soon, CORGIS to be exact!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope everyone is doing great!!!!!!!!